If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable, dependable, and professional pet service provider that you can always count on, we are here to serve! Fur-Baby Pet Services offer a variety of pet care services to serve you and your fur-babies. Not only do we have the experience and knowledge from years of working with animals, we also have a wonderful facility with 20,000 sqft of space that can accommodate pets of all sizes and temperament. Our facility also offers plenty of outdoor space to let them out to run, play, and relieve themselves. We understand that every fur-babies is different and always tailor our care toward each individual pet accordingly. We offer the following options…

Doggy Daycare

Available 7 days a week from 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. We offer 4/8/12 hours blocks throughout the day. Perfect for pet owners that need their furbabies out the house just for the day.

Overnight Boarding

Need to leave town for work or travel and can’t take your furbabies with you? No worries, they can stay with us as long as you need! You have the option to house them in standard kennels, private suites, or our VIP care area.

In-Home Pet Care

We come to your home to check in on your furbabies while you’re away to feed, water, let out, and play. Perfect for pets that can be trusted to stay home by themselves. We offer 1x, 2x, 3x a day check-ins with options to add on more

Dog Walking

Add-on our dog walking service and allow your furbabies to take a hike with our staff to explore nearby Cooper Creek Park or the Manchester Express Trail that’s conveniently located near our facility.

No matter which options you choose for your fur-babies care, you are hiring us to take care of them and we will do so round the clock until you pick them up safe and sound. Your beloved pets will never be left unattended while utilizing our facility. If you’re interested in booking any of our Pet Care & Boarding Services, get a quote, and would like more details, please give us a call at (706) 561-4193 or click Book Now. The Staff at Fur-Baby Pet Services are here to serve!

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Is your fur-babies dirty, stinky, and looking raggedy? No worries, we can fix that and get them looking Paw-fected! Fur-Baby Pet Services offers a variety of Pet Grooming Services in our Paw-Fection Room where we have help countless pets looking, smelling, and feeling their best! Our Paw-fection Team lead by Assistant Manager and Pet Stylist, Amanda is here to serve you with all your pet care need. All of our Pet Stylists are fully equipped with the proper tools and they all possess the love, patience, knowledge, and skills needed to work with all breeds and styles. We have the following packages available…

A Fur-tastic Bath Package

This package includes double wash and shampoo, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, nail trimmed, and a brush out. 

The Paw-fect Cut Package

This package includes everything in our Bath Package and also include the hair cut of your desire.

The Paw-some Spaw Package

This package include everything in our Bath or Cut Package as well a blue berry facial, daycare, and a massage. 

The Mobile Spaw Package

This package allow us to do everything we do at our facility at your home! We come to you and your furbabies! 

We offer other services and add-ons as well like Teeth Brush, Deshedding, Flea Treatment, and so much more! If you’re interested in booking a grooming appointment, get a quote, and would like more details, please give us a call (706) 561-4193 or click Book Now. The Staff at Fur-Baby Pet Services are here to serve!



Is your fur-baby acting like a wild child? Is it full of energy, unfocused, and extremely disobedient? Do your dog have behavioral issues with anxiety, destruction, aggression, unconfident, and fearful that need rehabilitation? Do you see potential in your dog and feel that they’re capable of way more than what they’re showing? Are you ready to build the ultimate bond with your fur-baby where it’s beneficial to both human and dog? If you had answered YES to any of these questions, we are here to serve! Bring them on over to Fur-Baby Pet Services to meet Owner/Dog Trainer, Mak Son and the Fur-Baby K9 Development Team. They’re standing by and ready to help you bring out the best of your dog. They offer Basic, Intermediate, Advance, and Specialize Training Programs through private or group sessions. Mak truly believe that every dog has the mental capacity to learn but unfortunately, there is a disconnect between human and dog when it comes to communicating with them sometimes. Being able to relay your message to your dog where they understand you is very important to their development and everyone knows that no relationship will ever last without proper communication. Let us help you bridge that gap so that you and your furbabies can truly understand each other to achieve all your training and developmental goals.

Mak and his team are very skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and take absolute pride in their work. They are very dedicated to their craft and always strive to get your furbabies to become the best version of themselves because there’s no better way to market than having walking billboards representing their training philosophy, techniques, and proven methods. They have trained many dogs that are not just located here in Columbus, GA and the surrounding areas but also dogs from all over the country! Our trainers have tons of references and a large referral network of clients that have gone through and completed our training programs to achieve their individuals goals set for themselves and their furbabies. If you’re interested in our K9 Development Training Program, please call (706) 561-4193 or click Book now to set up a FREE training assessment with Mak and the Fur-Baby K9 Development Team. No worries, there’s no obligation to hire them during the assessment. Fur-Baby Pet Services just want an opportunity for our trainers to demo their dogs for you to see their training firsthand. They will also use that time to meet you and your furbabies, go over your goals, and come up with a tailored program to meet your needs and budget.



Fur-Baby Pet Services have so much more to offer you and your beloved furbabies. We want to bring convenience to pet ownership and working our way to becoming a one stop shop for all your pet care needs. We are still a young company that’s still growing! We have big goals and we will continue to adapt and evolve to bring you the best pet services in the area! If you’re interested in the following services or would love to see a certain service developed, please give us a call at (706) 561-4193 or click on Book Now to get in contact with us. We are here to serve!

Fur-Baby’s Market

Fur-Baby’s Market is coming soon! We will officially launch our pet store operation at the beginning of the new year of 2021 and will have pet food, products, and accessories for sale.

Fur-Baby’s Barkery

Fur-Baby’s Barkery is here to serve fresh baked cake, treats, and other bake goods made with fresh, organic, and pet safe ingredients for your furbabies to enjoy!

Fur-Baby’s Paw-tography & Art Studio

Fur-Baby’s Paw-tography & Art Studio is where we capture your furbabies best features through our camera and art supplies to help you remember them long after they’re gone.

Pet Taxi and Transportation

Fur-Baby Pet Services offers Pet Taxi and Transportation Services locally and within the continental US. We understand that sometime it’s a hassle to get your furbabies to places like the veterinarian clinic or even to our facility. Let us chauffer your furbabies around town. Perfect for seniors, disabled, or for any pet owners that doesn’t want their pets in their vehicles. We also offer ground transportations for pets to be ship in Air Condition and Heated vehicles across the country as an alternative to air services for pet owners that are moving out the area. It may take longer but your furbabies will be less stressed.

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